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Fast becoming the most common avenue of dispute resolution in dilapidations disputes.

There is of course now a potential “costs penalty” under CPR for a party who refuses to mediate, in lieu of litigation, if offered by the other side.

It is however sometimes difficult not to be a little cynical about the mediator who, with no knowledge at all of the subject matter, seeks to persuade The Parties to find settlement “on the day” simply by way of repeatedly reminding them of the huge litigation costs they otherwise face (“reality testing”).

So whilst most mediators are from outwith The Profession, Paul Raeburn is an RICS Accredited Mediator who not only has detailed working knowledge of the disputed issues, his 20 plus years experience as an expert witness in court and arbitrations affords him the ability to assist The Parties in appreciating the relative strengths and weaknesses of their key issues, if litigated.

Paul, as a “cognate” mediator, not only makes settlement more likely, but also that such is absent the otherwise seemingly common view by either or both parties that they were pushed into settling for fear of failure and huge costs. A settlement that both sides understand and see the merits of relative to the risk inherent in litigation is, by definition, far more palatable.

There are, of course, no “conflicts of interest” in mediation. The mediator is not making any award, or decision. The role is simply to assist The Parties in finding their own settlement.

Paul undertakes mediations Nationwide and can be contacted via:-


t: 0845 673 3009

m: 07970 512313