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Commercial property leases tend to make tenants responsible for repairs, decorating and reinstating any alterations they’ve made, by the lease end. Even when a tenant thinks they have done everything required, a landlord will not, and a dispute arises. We guarantee the best pursuit of negotiations on your behalf, equally as landlord or tenant.

We work with either your own chartered building surveyor (who identifies disrepair etc. and price remedies in what is called ‘The Schedule of Dilapidations’ - or ‘Quantified Demand’) or can provide you with one of the highest calibres. Our chartered valuation surveyors (valuers) work alongside the chartered building surveyor in the specialism unique to them of advising if the lowest Cost of Remedial Works assessed by the chartered building surveyor is still higher than the effect on the property’s actual value. If it is, then by law, it is the lower amount of the impact on the property’s value that should be the amount of damages or compensation. Read more on this legal cap on damages.

Dilapidations can be a complex minefield. We are uniquely qualified and experienced to be able to guarantee you the smoothest possible path to the optimum outcome. Contact us today for an initial discussion by phone, or email an enquiry - with or without your Schedule of Dilapidations.

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Paul J Raeburn
BSc (Hons) MRICS DipArb FCIArb

RICS Accredited Mediator


Neil Burridge

RICS Registered Valuer

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